Conversation Hearts Are Coming Back This Year But They Won’t Have The Iconic Sayings On Them

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Conversation Hearts are adorable. I don’t eat them, I just think they are cute.

In fact, I remember being asked to a dance my sophomore year in high-school by having to decode the message using conversation hearts.

Last year was the first year in forever that we didn’t see them in-stores and it brought my little heart.

This year, Conversation Hearts Are Coming Back But They Won’t Have The Iconic Sayings On Them.


Now I have to ask, what’s the point then? Ha.

In all seriousness, the conversation hearts are missing their iconic sayings because according to Time the company, Spangler, had issues with transporting the equipment that prints on the candies to a new facility.

This caused the machine to be broken beyond repair in time to print the candies and get them shipped to stores. Therefore, they just packaged and shipped the candies out.

So, while we may see the conversation heart candies back, they just won’t be the same.

It won’t really affect those of you that just eat them for the taste but it will sadden those that just love the sayings on them.


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