This Mom Says A ‘Haunted’ Elsa Doll Keeps Reappearing After They Get Rid of It

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This is the scary, but totally true, tale of the Elsa doll who just couldn’t let it go. It has been told, and retold many a time — in the past week, anyway.

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Some find the tale rightful and true, and some find it mere fairytale. Let’s see what conclusion you draw.

Once upon a time in the far off city of Houston, Texas, a young mother gave her little girl an Elsa doll as a Christmas present. The little girl was happy with Elsa, and Elsa was happy with the little girl.

But, the little girl started to grow up, and finally, it was time to rehome Elsa to the landfill, where she would have plenty of room to work her magical powers over the garbage and the trash.

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Elsa didn’t want to go, and started making plans of her own to escape.

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She jumped right out of the trashcan, and hid inside a seat in the young girl’s kitchen.

She thought the girl would be overjoyed to find her, safe and secure, but the girl was frightened.

Again, the family tried to banish Elsa to the land of trash, but Elsa was smarter than that. She got out of her ties and binds, and hid in the girl’s backyard.

Elsa thought she was safe, but one bright and sunny day, the little girl found Elsa’s hiding place in the backyard.

The family was overcome with fear, because Elsa’s magic was strong.

Not knowing what else to do, the mother placed Elsa in a cardboard box, and shipped her off to a home, hundreds of miles away.

Here Elsa lives to this day, safe and secure — taped to the front grill of a jeep — never to bother the little girl again.

The End.

*Emily Madonias is the mother of the little girl. She swears these events are true and accurate. Elsa even started speaking in Spanish, all on her own. She finally shipped to doll to Chris Hogan in Minnesota, and has not been bothered again by the Elsa doll — yet.

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