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‘Bread Buddy’ Is The Life Hack You Didn’t Realize You Needed Until Now

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My mind is blown right now. How have I gone 32 years of my life without knowing that a Bread Buddy existed?!


Thankfully, I know FOR SURE that I am not the only one, thanks to a viral TikTok going around.

I stumbled upon this TikTok about Bread Buddy and my life is officially changed. And guessing from the 12.1 million views and the 2.5 million likes, I’m going to guess I’m not the only one.


It’s a pretty simplistic idea, yet it’s got all of us wondering why we didn’t think of it first. This container is perfectly sized to fit a loaf of bread, bag included.


Then, you just have to pull down on the bag for bread to pop out! You can also rotate stock, and keep your bread from getting stale so darn fast without having to stoop down to putting it in your refrigerator.

My husband saw the same TikTok, sent it to me, and begged me to buy one, so it’s safe to say it’s a must have in many households.

If you want to get your hands on one of these amazing Bread Buddies, you can grab them on Amazon, as they are currently a bestseller! (I wonder why…)


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