DIY Turkey Juice Boxes

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Thanksgiving is all about turkey, stuffing and giving thanks for all that we are thankful for.  While I’m busy cleaning the house, mashing potatoes and stuffing the turkey I like to have a little something to keep the kids busy (and from undoing whatever cleaning I’ve done!)  These sweet little turkey juice boxes are fun, inexpensive and a great way to keep little hands busy!

turkey juice boxes

What You’ll Need To Make These DIY Turkey Juice Boxes:

  • Juice Boxes of your choice (I used Juicy Juice) 
  • Construction paper (brown for the body, orange for the beak, red for the wattle and multiple colors for the feathers)
  • Glue
  • Scissors 
  • Googly Eyes

DIY Turkey Juice Boxes


How To Make DIY Turkey Juice Boxes:

Start with a brown sheet of construction paper.  Lay your juice box on top to ‘measure’ enough paper to go all the way around.

DIY Turkey Juice Boxes

I used a Juicy Juice Box and my sheet ended up being 7 ¾ x 4 ¾ inches.

DIY Turkey Juice Boxes

Cut your rectangle out.  Wrap your juice box with the paper and glue.

juice 3

Out of the orange construction paper, cut an orange triangle.  With the red construction paper, a small squiggle shape to be the turkey’s wattle.

Next, cut out feather shapes out of multiple colors of paper.  (To keep everything organized a chip and dip plate comes in handy!  It’s already divided so each supply has it’s own spot and kids can easily grab what they need.)

DIY Turkey Juice Boxes

Flip your juice box over so the glued seam is face up.  Glue an arrangement of feathers to the back of the juice box.

DIY Turkey Juice Boxes

Turn your juice around and on the front, attach two googly eyes, beak and wattle.

DIY Turkey Juice Boxes

This DIY is perfect for any Thanksgiving party at school or for scouts.  To make it easier, prepare the juice boxes with the brown paper and have the feathers, beaks and wattles pre-cut for the younger kids. This is also a great project to make for your Thanksgiving kid’s table festive.  Stamp each child’s name on their turkey juice box to mark their seat.

turkey juice box

Whether you make these sweet turkeys for a school party or to keep the kids busy at home, this project is a winner!

turkey juice boxes

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