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33 Christmas Slow Cooker Recipes

Christmas morning is all about Santa and presents at my house. I don’t want to step away from the kids to try to make breakfast or entertain grandparents! These 33 Christmas Slow Cooker Recipes are perfect because not only do they do the work for me, they make the house smell delicious and Christmasy from the moment we wake up. Whether you need drinks, desserts, or to have breakfast ready and waiting, these recipes will have you covered. Enjoy!

These 33 Christmas Slow Cooker Recipes will free up time for you to spend with your family instead of in the kitchen. Enjoy!

33 Christmas Slow Cooker Recipes


Don’t take time away from the family to cook on Christmas morning, let your slow cooker do the job for you! These breakfast recipes are hearty, delicious, and will smell so wonderful as your family cracks open their sleepy eyes.

1. French toast is a family favorite at my house and this crock pot french toast is moist, delicious and takes no time at all to prepare.

2. Or when we’re craving something with a little more pizzaz, this blueberry french toast does the trick.

3. I make this breakfast casserole year round, but there’s something about sitting down on Christmas morning to enjoy it with the family that makes it all the more special.

4. These cinnamon rolls are buttery, sweet and fill the air with Christmas spices.

5. After a long night of waiting for Santa, sometimes all I want is some toast and this cranberry apple butter.

slow cooker breakfast

6. This overnight apple oatmeal is like the apple pie of breakfast, and a perfectly delicious Christmas treat. We love ours with just a touch of cream…

7. For that relative who “just doesn’t do breakfast,” these bacon cheddar potatoes are a great compromise. The perfect side to eggs, or perfectly delicious all on their own.

8. Want a hearty breakfast that screams CHRISTMAS IS HERE! This egg nog cranberry steel cut oatmeal is exactly what you’ll be craving!

9. Littles are going to love this tater tot egg bake, and you’ll love not having to fight to get them to eat something before they go outside to play.

10. Want a healthier Christmas morning meal? This veggie omelette will give your family the warm tummies they need, and would look so pretty with red and green peppers.

11. This french vanilla french toast is a creamier version of our family favorite, and for Christmas morning I might just change up that one special ingredient…

Christmas morning slow cooker breakfast options


Whether you’re going somewhere else on Christmas day, or staying home with the family, Christmas desserts are something everyone will love. Make these in your slow cooker so that you have them on hand (without having to spend all that time in the kitchen).

12. This delicious, creamy peanut butter fudge only takes a couple of minutes to prepare and will be wonderful to snack on all day long.

13. Set these candy cane peanut clusters out for Santa and who knows – maybe he’ll leave a little extra something in your stocking!

14. Want a salty/sweet Christmas treat? This salted caramel chocolate crunch is perfectly snackable and everyone is going to love it.

15. This caramel apple pie dip is a fun way to incorporate the delicious taste of apple pie without the calories of the whole pie.

16. A side of these slow cooker cinnamon apples at your Christmas dinner will give your family something to be grateful for.

Christmas desserts

17. Chocolate peanut clusters are a candy my family loves each Christmas, and something I can easily make with the kids.

18. Whether you make a figgy version or traditional, bread pudding is a staple of Christmas dining.

19. This slow cooker fudge is a fun gift for those last minute guests or for neighbors you’d love to surprise.

20. Or make this white chocolate, pistachio, and raspberry fudge to really knock their socks off!

21. These crack cookies are made with crackers and you aren’t going to believe how addictive and delicious they are!

22. If you’re looking for a bigger treat this Christmas, this sour cream cheesecake is exactly what you’ll be craving. It’s impressive enough that it looks like you spent all day in the kitchen, yet simple enough to cook in your slow cooker while you snooze.

slow cooker desserts for Christmas guests


Christmas drinks are more fun when everyone’s sipping from the same pot. These slow cooker Christmas drinks are all the tasty Christmas flavors your family will be craving, without having to leave the comfort of your living room!

23. Treat your family on Christmas day with this beautiful and delicious candy cane white hot chocolate.

24. I’ve been dreaming of this white Christmas cocoa all year long, and I can’t wait to treat my family.

25. This delicious spiced white hot chocolate is perfect for snuggling in front of the fire.

26. No need to leave the house for my coffee favorites, this egg nog latte is easy to make right in my slow cooker!

27. Or if I want a flavor that’s even more synonymous with Christmas, this peppermint mocha will be waiting for me after I’ve put batteries into all the toys (or taken the batteries out…).

Christmas drink recipes

28. Give the littles something fun this Christmas with this snowman soup. Olaf would approve.

29. Traditional hot chocolate always hits the spot, and since it’s easy to whip up, it’s perfect for keeping the family mugs topped off all day long.

30. Nutella hot chocolate is the perfect Christmas treat for the Nutella-nut in your family.

31. Check out this spiced apple cider for a taste that’s not as rich, but still full of amazing Christmas cheer.

32. This peppermint vanilla latte is a fun coffee to keep on hand all day, and will definitely keep the energy going after the kids wake up from their naps.

33. For a delicious treat after the littles have gone to bed, this salted caramel hot chocolate is going to hit the spot. It’s a great way to close out Christmas day and say ‘cheers’ to another wonderful year.

Slow cooker drinks for Christmas day

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