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You Can Get A Giant Macaron Cookie Decoration That Looks Good Enough To Eat

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You can order these giant macaron cookie props, that would be perfect for a little girl’s birthday party, a baby shower, or a wedding shower!!


I L.O.V.E. macaron cookies — you know the ones — that sweet jelly or cream center that is sandwiched in between two colorful meringue-y cookies.


They are just such a bougie cookie, aren’t they? I just feel so classy and rich when I eat them. Ha!

Well, now you can get the sweetest giant macaron props that look good enough to eat!


HQZHoliday, on Etsy, handmakes these giant cookie props from styrofoam, but you’d swear you could just walk right up and take a bite.

The fake giant macarons props are made of styrofoam. They are FULLY hand made, no equipment is used at all. Every piece is cut with hands and colored with love.


You can choose from FOUR sizes — extra small (8-inch), small (12-inch), medium (15-inch), or large (19-inch).

Or, you can do a bundle of THREE mixed sizes.


You can ask me to make macarons of any color, bright or pastel. You can send me a picture with the colors you need.


Now, these do ship from Bulgaria, so you might need to add just a little extra time to manufacture them and then to ship them internationally.


Every giant item you see in my shop is hand-made. Therefore, I might need more time to produce the decorations, especially if you order several at a time. Thus, if you need the decorations for a specific date, please order in advance.


The extra small goes for $81, and then the price goes up depending on what size you get.


The large size macaron has a price point of $145.

Huge macarons can be used for:
– photo shootings;
– party, event decor, candy bar;
– storefront decoration, window display decoration;
– candy shop, coffee shop, bakery.


You can find these Macaron Cookie Props on the HQZHoliday shop on Etsy.


Now, if you want something a little more creepy, you have to check out these Baby Face Macarons.

They are the cookie that NOBODY needs. LOL!

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