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Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes

The idea of eating healthier is always filled with hope…until you realize how much extra work it takes to be healthy. Between the chopping and the going to the gym and the hours spent prepping food who has time for actually being healthy? In truth, it doesn’t take ‘that’ much time to prepare at least one healthier meal each day, and these healthy slow cooker recipes are proof of that. Which choices from Italian, to Mexican, to Thai, and good old fashioned hearty chili, there are plenty of ideas in here to get you and your family on the road toward a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy!

Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes To Ring In The New Year

Delicious, hearty black bean chili will stick to your ribs, but not your waist.

Mexican chicken is the best answer to Taco Tuesday since Wednesday.

Try this spaghetti squash and meatballs for a low-carb alternative that won’t leave you hangry.

Clean-eating turkey chili will give you all the taste you’re craving, with none of the guilt.

Always delicious stuffed peppers are ready in no time, and a great go-to comfort meal.

Who doesn’t love a little chicken tortilla soup on a cold, drizzly day?

Check out this chicken arrabbiata when you want Italian – even if you don’t know how to pronounce it.

Thai cioppino is a little taste of spicy Thai heaven.

This paleo lasagna recipe will stave-off your cravings without giving you the sads.

Slow cooker veggie fajitas are something your entire family will agree on.

Skinny lemon chicken is tart, tangy, and oh so good.

Make this spinach artichoke dip next time you have company, but don’t want to fatten them up.

This balsamic chicken recipe only has three ingredients, and every one of them is delicious!

Try this barley & chickpea risotto when you need something with a little bite and a lot of flavor.

Hearty mushroom and chicken stroganoff has all the flavor, but won’t pack on the pounds.

Want a delicious alternative to pasta? Try this cauliflower bolognese.

This salsa chicken quinoa is not only delicious, but so pretty on the plate!

Eating healthy isn’t just for dinner. This veggie omelet is the perfect breakfast, brunch, or brinner!

Step away from the Indian buffet…make this red lentil curry instead.

Sweet potato chili is a colorful alternative to the high-fat meats of traditional chili.

Slurp up this kale and quinoa soup when you need something warm, but without all the calories.

Forget the Chinese buffet, this beef and broccoli will satisfy without leaving you hungry in an hour.

This enchilada quinoa bowl is all the deliciousness of enchiladas, and none of the bad Mexican accent.

Comforting clam chowder is usually a no-no if you’re trying to eat healthy, but we think rules are made to be broken.

Check out this zucchini meatloaf next time you’re wanting home cooking, but avoiding high fat!


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