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Kroger Released A Dragon’s Dream Ice Cream That Tastes Just Like Toasted Marshmallows

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My favorite dessert has and always will be ice cream! So it’s safe to say I am down to try and and all flavors to find the best ones!

Recently, I wrote about two AMAZING ice cream flavors that Target came out with: Pumpkin Cheesecake and Apple Crisp. I am really excited about these Fall flavors! (especially since they are only $1.99!) And although Fall is the new “it” thing to talk about right now, I’m always looking for creative new ice cream flavors!


But now Kroger is pulling out all the stops to bring us three absolutely amazing new flavors that not only sound exciting for me to try, but super fun for the kiddos too! (That is, if I decide to share!)


First off, there is a Dragon’s Dream flavor, which my son is going to want for sure! But after looking at the flavors, I may want it more!

This Dragon’s Dream ice cream has a toasted marshmallow flavor with hot chocolate swirls and pieces of candy!

My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Plus the super cool purple color with multi colored candy pieces will make it super enticing for the kids! But gosh, I can’t wait to try that flavor! (I may have already asked my husband to get me some…whoops!)


Next up is the Ooh La Llama ice cream which is a pinata looking mixture of fruity swirls! The ice cream itself is fruit flavored and it has fruity swirls and candy pieces as well! This may be my least favorite of the three, just because I’m not big on fruity ice cream, but I can bet my kids will love it!


And finally, is the Mermaid Sparkle ice cream! With a cotton candy flavor blue glittery swirls, and candy pieces, it sounds delightful and adorable. I want to try this and get it for my daughter too! I love the almost turquoise coloring of this one!


I’ve been keeping an eye out for new Kroger ice cream flavors ever since their release last year of their Unicorn Swirl ice cream. It was cake batter ice cream with animal crackers! I love their creativity!

The unicorn ice cream actually looks like it should taste like cotton candy to me, so I’m glad they finally came out with that flavor!


So which one are you most excited to try first? I am looking forward to the taste of the Dragon’s Dream ice cream the most, but I just love the way the Mermaid Sparkle ice cream looks! I’m probably going to get both, you know, just to be safe! Let us know which is your favorite below!


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