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Parents Are Cracking Eggs on Their Kids’ Heads for a New Social Media Challenge, and It’s Not Funny

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There is a disturbing new TikTok challenge where parents are cooking with their kids.

This seems all fine and dandy, except the parents are actually bullying these kids.

They set up their cameras, and trick their kids into thinking they are just having a fun cooking date together.

But, when it comes time to crack the egg, the parents hit the kids in the head so hard that the egg breaks.

The parent then proceeds to laugh hysterically.

Have you ever tried to hit yourself in the head with an egg? That shiz can hurt!!

Why are parents doing this?

To be funny.

But, it’s not really funny. It can actually be traumatizing to the kid.

Called the TikTok Egg Crack Challenge, this trend is picking up steam, with more parents than ever taking part in this new trend.

Some kids laugh it off, like it’s no big deal.

But, there are some kids that cry. You can see the betrayal in their eyes.

Someone who they know and trust just hit them in the head while they were supposed to be having fun together.

Bring on the therapy for trust issues and anxiety when they get older.

Let’s remember that our kids are not props for which to get us “likes” on TikTok and Facebook.

Not to mention, there’s that whole part where these kids are being paraded on social media without their consent for laughs and views.

Just think about a few years down the road, when they are more aware. You can never actually erase the videos of them being humiliated on camera.

Don’t do it.

By all means, cook with your kids. That is healthy and will build core memories and trust.

Just don’t humiliate them to get laughs. That’s not cool.

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