These Skeleton Charcuterie Boards Are Straight To The Bone Scary For Halloween

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Halloween isn’t all about the candy.

Okay, the truth is while we all yearn for king sized candy bars and colorful candy gummies, Halloween is about presentation.

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Skeleton charcuterie boards are giving social media a freight because these skeleton centerpieces are downright scary to the bone.

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Starting with a big bag of bones and a large hallow skull, each charcuterie board is different in style but similar in freight!

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While some stuck to cheeses, meats, walnuts, and crackers for the classic o.g. charcuterie board, others featured gummy worms, strawberries, sugar cookies, chocolate pretzels, etc.

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Some have even placed slices of ham, salami and pepperoni around the skeleton skull to make it look like raw, peeling skin.

Courtesy of @aboardabove716

Whether or not you dress your board with everything sweet or only cheese and meat, the main centerpiece should always be your skeleton with ghoul cookies, pumpkin clementines and chewable spiders surrounding your Halloween charcuterie board!

Courtesy of @79monique

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