This Texas County Says 85 Children 2 Years Old and Under Have Tested Positive For The Coronavirus

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It looks like California isn’t the only state failing in the coronavirus department.

Texas also appears to be a nasty little hotspot, with ONE county in Texas even having over 85 children — ages 2 and under — that have tested positive for the coronavirus.

That kinda blows that conspiracy theory out of the water. You know the one. It says that kids aren’t able to get the coronavirus, therefore, going back to the classroom in the fall is a good idea.

The Texas county in question is Nueces County. It is WAY down south, and includes the beach town of Corpus Christi.

We currently have 85 children under the age of two years in Nueces County that have all tested positive for Covid-19 — Many of these babies have not even had their first birthday yet. Please help us stop the spread of this disease.

Annette Rodriguez, director of public health for Corpus Christi Nueces County

It is important to note these numbers are since March but still, that is a lot of babies/toddlers getting sick.

They didn’t offer any details on the condition of these babies.

Corpus Christi has about 8,100 coronavirus cases and 82 deaths linked to the virus, local officials said. Other Texas counties such as Cameron and Hidalgo are so dire, health officials are stocking up on refrigerated trucks to store bodies as morgues fill up.


Texas was trending in the positive direction at the end of June, so the state opened back up. But now, it seems, there are some areas of Texas that are much worse than they should be.

Texas is now not where it should be relating to fighting Covid-19. Therefore, your office should take immediate action to rewind the efforts to reopen the state quickly; which came about by ignoring CDC guidelines. We need to provide local authority to local counties and cities to do what is in the best interest of their communities.

Sheila Jackson Lee and Joaquin Castro, state representatives to the Governor of Texas

Y’all. I’ve said it, celebrities have said it, the CDC has said it, freaking Bill Nye has said it, my daughter has even said it — WEAR A MASK and social distance!! What else needs to be said?!?

I just don’t understand what the problem is with being “inconvenienced” for a very short time, so we can get on with our dang lives.

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