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Today is a Halle-Day!

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So, I wrote about my creepy focus and how it makes me forget other things yesterday… today I am devoting the day to the daughter! She is very excited about it! We have an outing planned with friends, and I know that the girls will have fun.

I love all these little random strip mall places filled with bounce houses and slides and all sorts of things like that. They never last that long, but the DO provide entertainment for us while they are there! I always feel guilty about knowing they aren’t going to last long, though. But if I walk into your business in the middle of the day and have to ask if you are open… then that’s a sign things aren’t going very well.

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  1. Sounds like fun! My kids are very stir crazy today. I’m thinking one of those bounce around places might be just the ticket! Thanks for the idea. 🙂

    And thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve been looking around yours. It’s good fun. I’ll have to check back more often.