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People Are Obsessed With This Woman Who Finds And Makes Recipes She Finds On Gravestones

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I’m sorry. This is a thing?

There is this woman on TikTok who goes around to graveyards, finds headstones with recipes on them, and then recreates the recipes.*

I wouldn’t think there would actually be very many headstones with recipes on them — I mean, I’ve never seen one with my own eyeballs.

But, apparently it is a more widespread practice than I could even imagine.

Rosie Grant is a TikToker with a master’s degree in library science, but it’s not her master’s degree that we are here to talk about.

This Woman Finds And Makes Recipes She Finds On Gravestones

She has an obvious passion for cemeteries. In particular, she is obsessed with cemetery headstones. But, not just any headstones. She loves the ones with recipes on them.

Rosie is making it her duty — her calling in life — to immortalize these cemetery recipes, and she is using the TikTok platform to record them all.

Her first cemetery recipe showed up back in early 2022. She stumbled upon a recipe on a headstone for Spritz Cookies, and she decided to make them.

It wasn’t an easy process. The ingredients were simple enough, but there were no directions. She had to play a guessing game for most of the cookie making process.

Her guessing paid off. She made the sugar cookie/shortbread hybrids, and they turned out “To Die For.”

Now, finding cemetery recipes is not an easy process — obviously.

As of April, she’d only come across about 11 of the coveted recipe headstones.

I would be very interested in knowing how many cemeteries in how many different states she had to hit up to pursue this unique hobby.

You can see all of Rosie Grant’s gravestone recipes on her TikTok page: @GhostlyArchive.

* She is also finding them via Atlas Obscura.

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