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Dove Introduced A New Refillable, Reusable Deodorant And TikTok Is Loving It

Is anyone else OBSESSED with TikTok? You can do so much on the social platform, and I love it!

You can learn dances, get all kinds of hacks, learn sign language, you can EVEN find cool new products — just like this one!!

Courtesy of Dove

This is the new REFILLABLE, reusable deodorant from Dove, and it looks so cool.

Courtesy of Dove

Each of these little pod containers comes complete with a 0% aluminum deodorant — which is SO much better for you.

Then, you just buy the refills, and the pod container will last you supposedly FOREVER.

Via @impactforgood on TikTok

Now, my first thought was, “GREAT! You get to reuse the deodorant holder pod, but the refills will come in a box, so it defeats the purpose.”

Well, here’s the thing: When you buy the refills for your Dove Refillable Deodorant, multiple deodorant refills come in the box.

Courtesy of Target

So, not only are you saving cardboard on multiple boxes, you are saving all the plastic from the deodorant containers, themselves.

You can choose from THREE different types of Dove Deodorant: Sensitive, Cucumber and Green Tea, and Coconut and Pink Jasmine. I want to try them ALL!

Courtesy of Target

Curious to see how it works? We found this TikTok that explains the deodorant.


So cool to see big brand names have sustainability initiatives! What are your thoughts? ##zerowaste ##plasticfree ##zerowaster ##sustainable

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Doesn’t that look so cool? You could totally throw this deodorant pod in your purse, and keep it with you at all times.

Courtesy of Target

We found this Dove Deodorant on the Target website. The initial deodorant and container cost right at $15.

Courtesy of Target

You can also get refillable deodorant sticks on the Target website, and they will run you $10 for a box of 2.

Courtesy of Target