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I’m Calling It Now, Justin Bieber’s “Intentions” Dance Routine Is Going To Be The New TikTok Craze

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I can feel it coming! This is going to be the new TikTok dancing challenge…

The Justin Bieber song, “Intentions,” is already hella awesome, just by itself.

But, add in the choreography of Matt Steffanina & Kaycee Rice, and you’ve completely taken this song next level.

Matt made an appearance at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, and he taught those in attendance how to do this fast paced dance.

If you are interested, he also has a video — see it below — that goes over the dance step-by-step. It’s far too advanced for me, but I’m old.

Would you try your hand at it on TikTok?

I want to see everyone out there trying it!

I have no rhythm, so you WON’T see me try to maneuver my body to the beat, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to watch it!

Watch the video, learn the moves, and post your TikTok in the comments!

Here is the video of Matt and Kaycee dancing to “Intentions.”

Here is the tutorial of the video, below.

You have also GOT to check out Justin Bieber’s new docuseries on YouTube. It is really good!

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