Red, White, And Blue Oreo Creme Cookies Are Coming Just In Time For The Summer Olympics

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Oreo is coming out with a Red, White, and Blue Oreo Creme Cookie, just in time for Olympics this summer. Go Team, U.S.A.

Yep. This is an Olympic year. The Summer Olympics are being held in Tokyo July 24th through August 9th. Don’t worry, I didn’t remember either.

Luckily, Oreo isn’t going to let us forget! They got our backs. This new Oreo Cookie includes the American Flag and the Olympic Rings on the chocolate face of the cookie.

Courtesy of junkfoodleaks_ on Instagram

Then, INSIDE, they are giving us a Red, White, and Blue middle, in honor of the BEST flag. It is about as much creme as a Double Stuf Oreo, but not quite as much as a Most Stuf Oreo.

Courtesy of junkfoodleaks_ on Instagram

Finally, some stellar junk food snackin’ for us to enjoy, while we watch those super toned bodies on the Olympics.

Am I the only one who says, “Damn! I wish I looked like those Olympians!” And, then I shove all kinds of chips, popcorn, cake, or other tasty foods in my mouth. Ha!

From the looks of the Oreos on Instagram, the U.S.A. isn’t the ONLY country that gets to enjoy their country’s colors and emblems represented on the Oreo Cookie. I’m okay with that. Represent!

No word yet on when these Red, White, and Blue Oreos are dropping into stores — but I’m BETTING it’s at least by July 24 — the START of the Olympics.

Courtesy of junkfoodleaks_ on Instagram

Along with the Olympic-themed Oreos, junkfoodleaks_ on Instagram also posted a picture of the Tiramisu Flavor Creme Oreos, so I’m betting they are both on the way! Yippee!

Be watching your favorite cookie aisles. I want to see all the countries represent when these Oreos come out!

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