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These Are The Best 100 Days Of School Looks

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It’s getting to be about that time, when 100 days of school have passed and elementary students everywhere celebrate what is essentially the coolest school day of all.


When I was a teacher, one of my students brought in 100 balloons for the 100th day of school, and I had to do the same thing when my daughter went to kindergarten.

It filled the whole classroom and was basically my favorite thing I have ever done as a mom.

But now, these kids take it to a whole new level. They ROCK the hundred days of school and we LOVE it.

Gold Ro’s Daughter did 100 foam stars.

We asked for some awesome 100 Days of School ideas over in our Facebook group, and they did not disappoint.

Katherine Holland did 100 tattoos on her daughter.

If you want to do 100 tattoos, for 100 days of School, Katherine has some seriously amazing tips.

  • The arms can be covered in baby powder after putting the tattoos on, then have them sleep in a long sleeve shirt.
  • To get them off, using rubbing alcohol, then follow it with baby oil to help get off the sticky mess that is left behind.
  • Between putting it all on and taking it all off was 4.5 hours but she LOVED it and so did her school.

We loved it too, Katherine. 🙂

Megan Schafferius made her daughter 100 years old.

Complete with wrinkles.

Jennifer Price Hidalgo is brilliant, because she just grabbed a hundred awesome stickers from the dollar tree for an instant outfit.

Christina Castillo proved that you can’t go wrong with 100 googly eyes. Love this.

A little baby yoda always makes school better.


100 gumballs is super cute.


This 100 days hat is awesome.


And of course there’s this mama right after my own heart. Target and Starbucks.


Did you celebrate 100 days? Show us over in the group! We want to see!

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