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Here’s How To Make 4 Popular Starbucks Cold Brews At Home

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Let’s face it, Cold Brew has taking over the world…or at least my world. I’ve always said to my customers that it’s the ‘moonshine’ of coffee.

The Cold Brew at Starbucks is steeped for 20 hours, giving it a bold, smooth taste, and a massive kick to wake you up!


I’ve always been a dark roast kind of girl. The darker the roast, the happier I am! I’m also known to drink straight shots of espresso without anything to dilute it.


But even if you aren’t crazy like me, Starbucks has seemed to perfect mixing this bold smooth taste with some absolutely delicious flavors. Making their Cold Brew recipes some of the most popular items ordered at this point.


Since a lot of us are currently WAAAAAAY out of our routines at this point, you may not be getting your daily Starbucks fix. But not to worry, we’re here to help! We have a ton of new posts about Starbucks DIY drinks that you can make straight from home!


Be sure to check out some of our latest DIY Starbucks posts that we already have ready for you to give a go:


But today we’re going to show you how to make 4 of Starbucks’ most famous Cold Brew recipes!


1. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

The Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew was the first of the famous cold brews. From the sweet and bold cold brew taste, to the super creamy sweet cream on top, you really can’t find anything bad about this drink!

Click Here To Get The DIY Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew Recipe!


2. Salted Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew

Ok so this one’s a bit of a mouthful. But it’s totally worth it. From it’s smooth and bold caramel cold brew taste, to the sweet and salty foamy goodness on top, you definitely will want to give it a try!

Click Here To Get The DIY Recipe For The Salted Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew


3. Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

The Pumpkin Spice Lattes have always been a Fall coveted drink. But last year, it was pushed aside. The spotlight was suddenly on this new, majestic drink, the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew. And for good reason. It is SO GOOD.

Click Here To Get The DIY Recipe For The Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew


4. Irish Cream Cold Brew

And finally, the Irish Cream Cold Brew. This is the latest and greatest of the popular Cold Brew recipes. And it was gone WAY too fast. It didn’t even make it to St. Patrick’s day at our store due to it’s popularity. And if you’re making this drink at home, who’s to say you can’t add a little Bailey’s? (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Click Here To Get The DIY Recipe For The Irish Cream Cold Brew


Did we miss your favorite recipe? Comment below and we will cover it for you! And once you are able to return to your normal routine of going to Starbucks, be sure to check out some of our Cold Brew Secret Menu Drinks!


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