The Best Fall Fudge Recipes

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I like to think of Fall as baking season and nothing can be better than some delicious Fall Fudge Recipes in your recipe box and we’ve gathered the best of the best!


The Best Fall Fudge Recipes

Any good fudge starts with candy corn and this candy corn fudge is sure to satisfy your strongest fall cravings.

You’ll be saying “some more please” with this s’mores fudge.

Love chocolate? You’ll love this triple chocolate crockpot fudge.

Harry Potter fans rejoice over this Butterbeer Fudge recipe that will seem almost like it’s magic.

White chocolate cranberry fudge is sweet and fruity.

Can’t get enough Nutella in your life? Nutella fudge is for you!

A favorite: chocolate chip cookie dough fudge.

I’m super curious how this Coca-Cola fudge tastes.

Like a little kick in your fudge? This Cappuccino Fudge will sure do the trick.

This homemade raspberry white chocolate fudge has the colors of fall with every bite.

It’s almost like I can smell the mint from this mint chocolate chip fudge. YUM.

Feel like a failure when it comes to baking? You won’t with this no-fail fudge recipe that only takes 5 minutes!

This cake batter fudge is like having a party in your mouth with every bite.

Keep things on the healthier side with this green tea fudge.

Eat like a tiger with this tiger butter fudge. ROAR.

Want something more unique? This blueberry lemon fudge is sure to make things interesting.

Red velvet fudge is like mini cheesecake bites but only better!

Peanut butter fudge is sure something everyone will enjoy.

I can only imagine how amazing this gingerbread fudge smells.

Uh oh, here comes the oreo fudge!!

I sure hope you enjoy this collection of The Best Fall Fudge Recipes and don’t forget to drop your favorites in the comments below.

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