Starbucks Is Opening Its Biggest Store EVER

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They are building the BIGGEST STARBUCK EVER in Chicago, and it’s going to be BEAUTIFUL!!

The store is going to be called a Starbucks Reserve, and there are five other simmilar stores like it across the world: Seattle, Shanghai, Milano, New York, and Tokyo.

Via Starbucks. Tokyo Reserve.

Tokyo previously had the biggest Starbucks Reserve of the five, but this Chicago Starbucks Reserve is going to take it over in size.

Via Starbucks. Seattle Reserve.

The first Starbucks Reserve store was opened in Seattle in 2014. These stores are an entire experience. According to the Starbucks Reserve website, they are an “immersive and dramatic expression of our passion for coffee.”


At each of these locations, they not only have Baristas. They also have Master Mixologists, Master Roasters, and EVERYTHING coffee related.


All of the Reserve coffee is roasted right inside these Reserve locations. In the Chicago location, the tubes located above the heads of the patrons will transport the beans to be packaged.


The stores each have multiple coffee bars where you can get specialty drinks off an expanded menu. This menu is MUCH bigger than you are used to in a regular Starbucks store.


They also have specialty food at a bakery, the Princi, that has fresh, AMAZING selections to go with the specialty coffee.


At the Italy location, you can even get a nitrogen-infused cognac infused gelato!!


These stores are ALL ABOUT COFFEE. They showcase special ways to make the coffee, and it is like nothing you have ever experienced.


The new Chicago destination will be an amazing showcase of all this coffee goodness. It is set to open November 15 on Chicago’s Magic Mile, and will employee over 200 people!


Count me in! I have to make it to Chicago to experience this wonderland of coffee delights.


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