15 Boredom Busters For Adults That Are Stuck Inside

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I am SO stinking sick of my house. Can I get an “Amen!”

I’ve cleaned about all I can clean, and I need new things to do. I need things that keep me sane, and make me not want to sleep 18 hours a day.

15 Quarantine Boredom Busters

1) Make a little money. You can spend those HOURS a day that you have nothing to do, and use that time to make a little extra money. There are actually apps out there that will let you earn money, just by sitting on your couch at home.

2) Color. That’s right, find something to do with those hands that are just sitting and doing nothing! There are cool coloring sheets for adults, and there are coloring sheets for kids. Print yourself off some, and get to it!

Courtesy of Kids Activities Blog

3) Take Harry Potter Hogwarts classes for free. Where are my Potterheads at? You know you can kill a day or two taking these fun Hogwarts Classes!

Courtesy of Warner Brothers

4) Watch some awesome cooking shows on Facebook. My favorite obsessions right now are Katie’s Quarantine Kitchen and Momma Loves Food. They are so down to earth, and they even make me think it is possible for ME to recreate the recipes.

Courtesy of Katie’s Quarantine Kitchen on Facebook

5) Make cookies. Why not? This isn’t the time to go on some fancy diet. We need all the comfort we can get, and cookies will definitely hit that spot. My favorite are these 3-ingredient cookies you can make with any cake mix, or these cookies from the DoubleTree Hotel. OMG, so good!

6) Binge watch True Crime on Netflix. I have started doing this DAILY, and it makes the time go so fast!

7) Try your hand at a new makeup look. There is one thing that is NOT in short supply, and those are makeup tutorials. There are only about a billion out there. My favorites to watch are Kaleigh Merrill on Poise and Purpose and Adriana Braje on YouTube. Full disclosure, I don’t actually do the makeup, I just watch to be entertained. Ha!

Courtesy of Adriana Braje on YouTube

8) Make Copycat Starbucks Drinks at home. We have SO many Copycat Starbucks recipes on the Totally The Bomb website. You can make anything from that beloved Pink Drink to a Salted Caramel Cloud Macchiato.


9) Take a Virtual Tour from the comfort of your own home. You can tour everything from Tim Burton’s Exhibit, to famous castles, and even a virtual tour of Hawaii. Yes, please! I hear the tropics calling my name.

10) Watch some Bob Ross for Free on YouTube. There’s just something about his voice that makes me feel calm and happy!


11) Send some snail mail. This is easy enough! I bet you like to get personal mail. I know your friend would like it, too! Bust out that paper and pen, and write someone an actual note.

check the mail

12) Do a puzzle. Hey! You never have more time than NOW to dump all those pieces onto your kitchen table, and get to putting a puzzle together. Need a fun one to do? I got ya! You can get one HERE.

Courtesy of Amazon

13) Learn to knit. You can even order some yarn and knitting needles online, then get on Youtube, and follow a tutorial. It’s really not that hard, and you will feel so accomplished!

Courtesy of RJ Knits on YouTube

14) Make one of your windows into a stained glass masterpiece. This just takes a little tape, some washable paint, and some imagination. There really is no way to mess this project up.


15) Make some origami. Don’t know how? Neither do I. But, I know how to search tutorials on YouTube.

Courtesy of PPO on YouTube

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