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Adam Sandler Gave Drew Barrymore An Update On 2020 In A ’50 First Dates’ Reboot and It’s So On Point With This Year

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Imagine having to try to explain the year 2020 to someone who just wasn’t apart of it. Or maybe, they had amnesia and couldn’t remember. Where would you even begin?

The Drew Barrymore Show

Well, Adam Sandler has taken care of that for us…

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler rebooted 50 First Dates on The Drew Barrymore Show and it was anything but disappointing!

The Drew Barrymore Show

In the short skit, we see Lucy (Drew Barrymore) waking up and inserting a video tape into the TV. The tv turns on and there is Henry (Adam Sandler) with an update on the last 16 years including 2020.

The Drew Barrymore Show

As he starts describing the hell that this year has been, Lucy starts to think it’s a joke which hearing it explained out loud, it sort of sounds like it is. HA!

The Drew Barrymore Show

He then goes on about Netflix and how they are a good thing in the world and how they pay him (which he landed a fairy large contract with them so I get the plug).

The Drew Barrymore Show

And then of course, 10-second Tom makes an appearance…

The Drew Barrymore Show

You just have to watch it yourself because it’s basically 2020 lumped into a few minutes.

You can watch the full skit below.

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