7-Eleven Has A Peeps Flavored Latte Just In Time For Easter

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It looks like everyone has missed Peeps so much since they took their long break during the pandemic, that companies are now turning the classic sweet treat into beverages.

Right after Pepsi announced their newest flavor which if you haven’t heard, is Peeps flavored, 7-Eleven is now following in pursuit!

Introducing 7-Eleven’s newest coffee flavor, a marshmallow flavored Peeps latte!

Courtesy of 7-Eleven

Just in time for spring, the limited edition coffee flavor is certainly one for the books because from what it looks like, this latte is bright yellow instead of the normal tan or black color depending on how you take your coffee.

“Like 7-Eleven, PEEPS® Brand Marshmallow Candies are a family favorite with lots of fans, and it’s a fun flavor addition to our latte and cappuccino selection,” said 7-Eleven Vice President of Proprietary Beverages Jawad Bisbis. “We are always looking for new and unexpected flavors for all of our proprietary beverages – hot, cold and frozen. I hope loyal PEEPS® enthusiasts will come give our limited-edition latte a try.”

Jawad Bisbis, 7-Eleven Vice President of Proprietary Beverages
Courtesy of @7eleven

The new Peeps latte is available at participating locations so if I were you, I wouldn’t wait until the weekend to try out the new flavor, especially if you’re a fan of the delicious sweet treat that is called Peeps!

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