A Man Invented Candy To Help The Elderly Stay Hydrated and He Is My Hero

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Sometimes you just find a story that tugs at your heart strings. This is one of those stories.

Lewis Hornby worried about his grandmother, Pat. Dehydration had made her very sick, and he vowed to help her stay healthy and hydrated.


Dehydration is a huge problem in the elderly. It is an even bigger problem for the person with dementia who forgets to drink water throughout the day. It can be extremely dangerous if not corrected quickly.


Lewis knew about this problem, so he came up with the idea for Jelly Drops to help combat it.

Jelly Drops look like bright pieces of candy, so they are appealing to the elderly person who suffers from dementia, but they are actually filled with water and electrolytes.


Jelly Drops are the perfect size for the elderly dementia patient to grasp in their hands, and they are filled with the perfect amount of water.

When Lewis tested them, they worked really well. So well, in fact, Pat was able to eat 7 of them in 10 minutes. That is the same as drinking a full glass of water.

That is called success!

These will, hopefully, be on the market soon, so everyone can benefit from their amazing power to get the elderly to stay hydrated!

Watch the video below of Lewis testing the Jelly Drops successfully on his grandmother.

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