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Here’s How To Order Buffalo Ranch Chick-N-Minis Off The Chick-fil-A Secret Menu

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You can get Buffalo Ranch Chick-n-Minis off the Chick-fil-A Secret Menu, and once you have them you will never go back to the plain ol’ Chick-n-Minis.

Does anyone else wake up craving Chick-fi-A Chick-n-Minis? It can’t be just me! And, it usually happens on Sunday — the one day Chick-fil-A is closed.

My craving went up 3 fold when I tried these Buffalo Ranch Chick-n-Minis. In fact, I could use a pack of 4 right now!

We previously told you about the Buffalo Chicken Ranch Macaroni and Cheese. It is a total treat for the taste buds.

But, these Buffalo Ranch Chick-n-Minis add a bit of a spicy kick to your morning breakfast, and they are absolutely fabulous!!

How Do You Order Buffalo Ranch Chick-n-Minis?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to order anything outrageously weird. The workers aren’t going to give you the evil side eye when you drive off. Ha!!

You just head on over to your local Chick-fil-A, and order a 4 piece (or 6 piece if you’re really hungry) Chick-n-Mini meal.

You can get whatever you want to drink; That’s YOUR business. But, I highly recommend the Sunjoy — my FAVORITE!

Make sure you ask for 2 Zesty Buffalo Sauce packets, and 2 Garden Herb Ranch packets when you get up to the window.

How Do You Put Together The Buffalo Ranch Chick-n-Minis?

First things first — put your car in park. When you taste how good these are, you might just swerve all over the road.

Then you are going to take one of those yummy Chick-n-Minis out of its cute little box.

Hit that little Chick-n-Mini with a little bit of Zesty Buffalo Sauce, and then some Garden Herb Ranch.

Be careful, because it just may drip some of that neon orange Zesty Buffalo Sauce all over your nice work shirt.

Now, I’m going to tell you a little secret that will absolutely sky-rocket these babies in the flavor department. You can thank me later.

Take one of the hashbrowns out of its box, and put it on top of the sauced up chicken nuggie.

Put the lid back on the Chick-n-Mini, and take a bite.

Perfection, right?!?

Look below for a TikTok video of the Buffalo Ranch Chick-n-Minis. Try not to drool on the screen.

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