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‘Breastmilk Jewelry’ Is The New Touching Way To Remember Your Breastfeeding Journey

I nursed all 3 of my girls and I wouldn’t change that season of life in any way, shape, or form.

Breastfeeding wasn’t always the easiest thing, but it was worth every bit of time spent.

Some people never get to experience that because it doesn’t always works out and that’s ok too… fed is best right?

Others don’t get to experience it due to loss, if someone loses a baby and their milk comes in, that can be a difficult time, or it could be a way to bless others.

Many women donate breastmilk to help other babies thrive and that is such a wonderful thing to help another parent with.

But did you know that you can use some of your breastmilk to have jewelry made to either celebrate that time in your life, or as a memorial for a baby that they lost.

KeepsakeMom Breastmilk Jewelry

Breastmilk jewelry is made by mixing the breastmilk with resin and it’s becoming super popular.

The breastmilk and resin mix can then be used to create rings, necklaces, earrings, and more.

KeepsakeMom Breastmilk Jewelry

One of the companies that creates these one of a kind momentos is called KeepsakeMom Breastmilk Jewelry and was started by Anna Thachuck who is an ultrasound technician.

KeepsakeMom Breastmilk Jewelry

As an ultrasound technician, Anna Thachuk, met many people dealing with miscarriage, and she had five miscarriages herself.

She created the breastmilk jewelry as a way to help people deal with and heal from the losses.

It’s not just jewelry.

Anna Thachuk told Insider
KeepsakeMom Breastmilk Jewelry

She doesn’t only use breastmilk when creating some of the pieces, she also will add hair, and even tiny hand and footprints.

KeepsakeMom Breastmilk Jewelry

I think this is a beautiful way of honoring both the time spent breastfeeding a child, or to memorialize the loss of a child.

You can learn more by visiting KeepsakeMom Breastmilk Jewelry.

KeepsakeMom Breastmilk Jewelry