Disney Parks Are Losing Millions Amid The Shutdown

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I feel kind of bad for Disney. I mean, all their revenue pretty much just ceased to exist — except for television and the streaming services, including Disney+.

Disney is set to lose about half a million dollars because of this shutdown.

You may think, Eh, who cares?

But, just think of all the thousands — hundreds of thousands? — of Disney Employees this is going to effect!


They had to shut down, not only Disney World, but there is Disneyland, Tokyo Disney, Disneyland Paris, and all their other park entities.

Think of all that food that has to be tossed. I bet that’s a million dollars of food, easily — but that’s pure speculation.


Then, of course, there are all the films, which had to stop filming — including Mulan, which was set to make $100 million in its opening weekend, alone.


And, all those people that worked at the parks, the restaurants, the films, the theaters, etc — they are all currently out of work.


This coronavirus shutdown is going to have a GINORMOUS impact on Disney.

You also have to think about all the Disney stock. It dropped to below $100 a share, which hasn’t happened in three years.


According to TheThings.com, people are speculating that Apple might try to swoop in and buy Disney. I really don’t see that happening, but what do I know? That would qualify as the biggest deal in HISTORY.

I can’t imagine how this coronavirus shutdown is going to affect Disney. In fact, DISNEY can’t even tell how it’s going to be impacted. We’ll just have to see.


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