Dr. Horrible and his sing along blog…

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Okay, as many of you know, I am more than obsessed with Dr. Horrible.  I LOVE it, I think it is adorable, and I love that it is a high quality internet production becoming a phenomenon.  I also have to be excited about the whole Jed Whedon thing, I mean I do have a brother named Jed… so I totally feel like I have to love it more!

Now, about this whole Dr. Horrible of awesomeness.  They just became the number two album on Itunes!  Hello, that is AWESOME!  I mean to see that people LOVE it as much as I do is so great… and not because it is too cute and awesome but because I think it is one of those things that is making people realize that the internet is where it’s at.  People are starting to get all their TV on the internet, people are using the internet the way it should be used, and not just high tech dorks either… REAL people!  My friends at mommy groups are mentioning youtube, and dare I say that the other day I think one actually mentioned TWITTER!  I love seeing people go high tech!

Anyway… I love seeing Dr. Horrible do that well, and I love seeing a Jed make it big!  hehe

Go internet!

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