Google’s New Tool Will Help You Find Vaccination Sites Near You

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If you are among those that are planning on getting the COVID vaccine but have no clue where to go, listen up!

I am right there with you – my doctor just keeps telling me to check the State’s Health Department website for updates.

But ya know, I wish there was something easier to determine where to get my vaccine.

Well, sounds like I am not the only one because Google created a new tool to help those of us that want vaccines, get vaccines.

Google is launching a new tool and will provide more than $150 million to promote vaccine education and equitable distribution making it easier to find locally relevant information, including when and where to get the vaccine.

Additionally, Google plans to open spaces to serve as vaccination sites as needed. 

Google Search and Maps will roll out the vaccine finder “in the coming weeks” for residents in Texas, Arizona, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

The tool will also list appointment details, if the vaccine is limited to certain groups, and if a drive-through is available.

It will use information from government agencies, pharmacies and

A full rollout of this service in other states and countries will be available at a later time.

This is such a great idea and it will give people access to the information they need when they seek it.

You can read more about this Google Vaccine Finder Here.

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