How Special Coffee Helped Me Get Rid Of My Mid-Day Nap

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I was tired. So tired I couldn’t make it through a whole day without a nap. ?

This was the story of my life for the last five years. I’d get up, get the kiddo off to school, start my mom stuff, and by noon I couldn’t keep my eyes open. 

If I somehow made it to 2, I was awful cranky and miserable. By the time school pickup came around, my exhaustion was starting to get the best of me. 

It didn’t matter if I went to sleep at 9pm or 3am the night before. I could not make it through the day. ☠️☠️☠️

I had the doctors test me for thyroid, anemia… everything they could think of. I tried all sorts of prescriptions. 

Nothing worked. Nothing was going to help me get through the day without a nap. 

In fact I’d completely given up. I’d given in to the nap. I was just going to have to take a big nap in the middle of the day. 

This is who I was. 

Until my best friend asked me to try happy special coffee. ??

“Will you please just try it? I miss our lunch dates. I miss my friend.” 

Ugh. Those words hurt. She was right. I was always asleep or playing catch up on chores from when I was asleep. We never got to see each other. 

So I tried it. Three months ago. I haven’t taken a nap since. Not once. I sleep all night now without waking up. 

It’s like I’m a completely different person. All thanks to Happy Coffee.

I can’t believe it was this easy. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. ☕️

If you want to know more, join my happy coffee group by clicking here. I can’t wait to talk to you!

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