Here’s Where You Can Get The Jason Sudeikis Tie Dye Hoodie He Wore At The Golden Globes

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Did you watch The Golden Globes last night? I have to say, most of it was quite boring but there were a few highlights of the show.

For one, Jason Sudeikis won a Golden Globe and people could not stop talking about the attire he accepted the award in…

Yes, his now famous tie-dye hoodie!

And guess what? You can get the EXACT one he was wearing! And no, it doesn’t cost a billion dollars!

The website Forward Space is selling the Tie Dye hoodie for $110.00.

On the front is says “Forward Space” and the back says “Listen + Lead”.

It’s a pastel tie dye design with a white background and I actually love the look!

You can grab the Forward Space aka Jason Sudeikis Tie Dye Hoodie Here.

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