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So Tell Me: Are You Team Coffee, Or Team Tea?

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Stop what you are doing. I have to ask you the most important, crucial, imperative question you will be asked all day:

Are you Team Coffee or Team Tea?

So Tell Me: Are You Team Coffee, Or Team Tea?

I know it’s a hot debate, and there are loyalists for each side. I have heard full-blown arguments devoted to one’s love and devotion to these hot liquids. “But the roasting and brewing process is imperative to the flavor” … “But it has to steep for exactly 4.2 minutes for optimum experience.” The size of the grind, loose leaf versus pod, pour over versus french press, stove-top kettle versus machine made … I’ve been caught in the crossfire when these heated debates go down, and they are neither fun nor pretty.

What happened to the days of plain, good old coffee or tea? Things have gotten a bit to the point of craziness on both sides.

First you have the coffee loyalists. The coffee has to be from the correct roaster. The beans have to be roasted locally, or at the very least by a small roaster. Heaven forbid the black gold come from a corporate roaster. Undrinkable! Did they use single origin beans? If not, it’s crap! Were the beans pulled during the first pop or the second? This is crucial information to be privy to before you dare to let the liquid pass your lips!! You can only have coffee made using the correct pour-over method or the Chemex Coffeemaker method. Machine coffee is unacceptable! And, how dare you even suggest tainting the dark, rich goodness with *gasp* creamer, sugar, or flavoring. I don’t know if we can still associate if you suggest such a sin.

Then there are the tea people. Here you have a bit more wiggle room. Some like the loose-leaf method where you use a steeping ball, filled with your favorite leaves, floating in your boiling water whilst steeping. Or, you can choose to be one of the loose leaf enthusiasts who likes the idea of their leaves being free to move about the boiling water (like fish in a tank), just to be pressed and evacuated into a waiting mug when the time is right. Then you have your pod people. It is perfectly acceptable, to this clan, for the tea to be contained in pods, which rest in a mug of hot water to steep. Are these pods made of paper? Are these pods made of woven fairy’s wings? I have no idea. But, I do know that tea people do allow sweetening, flavoring, and even sometimes a dollop of cream. Tea people are nice.

So again I ask: Are you Team Coffee or Team Tea?

Me? I am team buy whatever is on sale, and then creamer and sugar the crap out of it. I’m just trying to stay awake during the day with the magic of caffeine. Oh, caffeine, that sweet reprieve that makes your hands shake and heart race. I really don’t care how I get it. Just give me that sweet, sweet jittery goodness in some form or another.

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