Sour Patch Kids Jelly Beans Are Here For Easter And They Are All That I Want

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YES!! I just might be able to eat an entire bag of these Sour Patch Kids Jelly Beans, all by myself. Stick an awesome flick on Netflix, plop a bag of these in my lap, and I can have them polished off by the end of the movie!

Courtesy of Frankfort_Candy on Instagram

Mix them with popcorn, and WOWZA!! If you haven’t tried it, you are NOT living your best life!

Courtesy of Target

You know my tongue is going to be as rough as sandpaper, and the roof of my mouth is going to burn like the sun. I’m not even mad. WORTH IT!

Chocolate in the Easter basket is fine and dandy, but these are the little guys I REALLY want!!

That sour punch to the face, followed by that sweet caress of candy, is EXACTLY what I need to get me through the mundane blahs of everyday life right now!

Seriously! The quickest way to bring smiles galore, is to open a bag of these yummy jelly beans, and let the family dig in. It’s the small things in life, AMIRITE?

You can get a bag, or three, of these Sour Patch Kid Jelly Beans at Target, but I know you MIGHT not want to head inside a store right now.

You can go to the Target website, and see if they are available for curbside pickup at your location.

If you are NOT successful in finding them, you can always go to the Amazon website. You can get a three-pack over there, with FREE shipping — If you are an Amazon Prime member.

Now, we’ve already stocked up for the Easter holiday — While y’all were out there hoarding up the toilet paper, we were hoarding the candy. Ha! Priorities, AMIRITE?!?

You still have time! Easter is Sunday, April 12th, so plan accordingly.

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