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Fresh Mom of Dallas

Something kind of cool is going on this month. I’ve been picked as a Malibu Mom. Basically, Chevrolet is giving me a Malibu to drive around for a month and I have to go on secret missions. We were asked to make a video biography of ourselves. Maybe you remember me freaking out about it …

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Questions for Hal

Blog, you know Halle… Well, she wants to answer your questions. So, if there’s something you want to ask a four year old, then here’s your chance! Ask her anything (that doesn’t offend me–I’m her mom I have final say on all q answering.) and next week she will be back to let you in …

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My Blog Intro

The ever awesome Josh Berk made me the coolest little blog intro song, so I needed to figure out how to add it to some pictures or whatever. Well, since I suck at that, I just made this instead. Remember: awesome song = the amazing Josh Berk crappy video editing = me

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