The pox!

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Ahhhh! I swear we are never going to get better over here! Now Halle has tiny little chicken pox all over her body! I am pretty sure all that other crap was just leading up to this… except the cold, because I also have a righteous cold! I tried to be cool about it and make jokes about it all weekend, but I am so darn sick, and so is HAL! I am just ready for us to be felling better so we can go to the damn zoo! I mean SEROUSLY it is the middle of the friggin summer here, and we are trapped in the house! We went to Sonic earlier just so we could say we got out of the house for the day. 🙂 Her nose does seem to be getting better, but my ears are killing me, so I wonder if hers are hurting her too… I don’t want to take her to the doctor… but I bet I have to! Ugh…. a pox on my family… not cool…

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