These Are The Best Celebrity Reactions to Eminem’s Performance At The Oscars

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You guys, I die. I mean, I was SHOCKED when Eminem took the stage to perform Lose Yourself at The Oscars but in a good way.

Other than his surprise performance, people can’t stop talking about some of the reactions from celebrities. Honestly, they are priceless.

I think one of my favorite’s from the night is from Idina Menzel (singer from Frozen). She looked utterly confused or concerned over his performance.

Aside from her, there was some mixed feelings in the crowd from other celebs like Martin Scorsese, Billie Eilish, and even Finneas O’Connell (Billie’s Brother).

But not all of the celebs were confused over the performance, some even took the opportunity to get into dancing and singing…

Bottom line, he surprised us all with his performance and I am just glad to see him performing again!!

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