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This Dog Sprained His Tail From Excessively Wagging It Over His Family Being Home

Not everyone is sad about staying home! Family dogs everywhere are overjoyed to have their humans home all day! Except for my dog Furiosa. In fact, she is sulking about staying home, she gets to go everywhere with me. I mean, look at that pout…

But, most other dogs are super happy to have their people at home all day! Most people have to leave their dogs a lot to go to work. So, of course, this is like a dream for them!

Of course, the exception Furiosa, who is currently looking at me like this begging to get out! Seriously, right now as I type this. Pitiful.

Well, one little dog named Rolo can not contain his happiness. He has been so super happy to have his people home! His little tail was just non stop wagging!


Well, it was non stop wagging…then it stopped! Little Rolo could no longer wag his tail. What happened? They took him to the vet to get checked out!

Rolo had happy wagged so much he sprained his tail! Yikes! I mean I have heard of “happy tail” because it happens to Great Danes a lot, but that is more of a bloody type of mess. I had never known a dog to sprain their tail though! Crazy!

Thankfully, Rolo is healing up and even got a little bit of his wag back already! Feel better Rolo! Enjoy your family time!