This Teacher Only Got Suspended For Telling A Student She Had Cute Gym Clothes and Taking Her Photo

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A high school gym teacher, Martin Applebaum, got suspended for ONLY five days for photographing a female student without her permission, telling her she had cute gym clothes and giving her a failing grade for dropping her class.

Basically here’s what happened, this creeper snapped a picture of the student, told her that her gym clothes were cute, and, instead of making a huge deal out of it, she noped the heck out of the class as fast as she could.

Well, that wasn’t good enough for this freak-of-a-teacher, so he gave her a failing grade to take with her for the transfer. He told the press that he was taking her picture for the school site and said the grade was a mistake, but COME ON! Can we not do better than this for our daughters?

Let’s look at the facts here, this guy didn’t just say one thing to this girl, or take one creeper picture. While that would have been MORE than enough, It’s well documented that he did it again and again.

He got suspended for five days with no pay.

Is that what we are coming to? Are we now just letting creepy people teach our kids?

Here’s the thing– we expect our kids to go to school in an environment that is safe and nurturing. We don’t want our kids to feel harassed every day. We don’t want our children to worry about being alone in a room with a teacher.

How can we do this when teachers like this guy pull this next level weirdo stuff and all they get is a week off? COME ON.

Oh, and if all that isn’t enough, this guy got suspended for one day back in 2008 for showing two whole classrooms full of kids a video that argued against circumcision. Forget the fact the fact that this was in no way a regular part of his curriculum, he showed it to the kids because they asked him about it.

How is this guy still teaching school? HOW is he still allowed around children? How is this okay?

What are we as parents supposed to do when people like this are the ones that school officials put in place to educate and form minds of young kids. It’s crap like this that makes parents think twice about sending their children to school every day.

It’s crap like this that makes me question the entire education system. I can’t even deal with how ridiculous this is.

Parents, we have to do better. School boards, we have to do better. Our kids deserve better.

The future deserves better.

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