25 Deliciously Awesome Cupcakes

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It’s cold outside and I’m craving a warm, delicious treat today. I am in the mood for 25 Deliciously Awesome Cupcakes. Want to join me?

25 Deliciously Awesome Cupcakes

Bring on the 25 Deliciously Awesome Cupcakes…if you dare!

  • This more or less sums-up how I’m feeling today…Devil’s Food Devil Cupcakes.
  • Pancake Cupcakes because, today, my friends, one repeat of the word “cake” in the same sentence may not be enough for me.
  • What?! Mint Oreo Cupcakes…I’m going to eat waaaay to many!
  • Did someone say I could combine lunch and a cupcake?! Wooohoo! Tomato Soup Cupcakes
  • Can’t have soup without a chip! Mountain Dew Doritos Cupcakes…ckahh! (btw, that’s my dumb impression of that noise people make when they drink a soda…)

25 Deliciously Awesome Cupcakes

  • Today, I’d like to pretend and maybe enjoy a little fantasy, thus I might make Princess Hat Cupcakes.
  • Feeling in the holiday spirit? With these Peppermint Cupcakes, that spirit would be delicious!
  • Last, but certainly the very bestest on this list…Cookie Crazy Cupcakes…cookie inside cupcake…mmmmm…

Man, I love cupcakes…especially pretty, warm ones with perfect little pouffs of icing on top…

25 Deliciously Awesome Cupcakes

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