Amazon Is Now Selling Hand Sanitizer, Face Masks And Hospital Gowns Exclusively For Health Care Workers

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Get ready, because your days of searching for hand sanitizer or face masks in the grocery store aisles may have just become a whole lot easier.

Now there is a good excuse for your online shopping and you can tell mom who’s always pestering you to get off the laptop, that it’s for a good cause!

The online retailer that offers Prime shipping and every product under the sun, has just upped their game even further.

Courtesy of Amazon

That’s right, Amazon is now selling masks, hand sanitizer and gowns. More specifically, N95 masks, large batches of hand sanitizer and hospital gowns will all be sold online.

Courtesy of Amazon

However, the general public will not have access to these supplies and it will only be exclusively available for hospitals and government organizations who fill out a form for a request, according to a confirmed statement from a spokesperson at Amazon to CNBC.

Courtesy of Amazon

Although be aware, because Amazon has stated on a FAQ page that supplies come at a “first come, first-served basis” and that supplies are also very limited.

Courtesy of Amazon

And just incase you’re wondering, Amazon will not be profiting from these items, and referral fees from third party sellers will also be waived. Qudos to Amazon!

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