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This Woman Shares Why You Should Never Wear A Claw Clip in The Car

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I think it’s safe to say, I have a new fear that has been unlocked…

As you may know, the 90s Claw Clip trend has recently made a comeback.

But what you may not know is, there is a hidden danger that I don’t think ANYONE saw coming and it has me questioning everything…

This woman recently shared why you should NEVER EVER wear a claw clip in the car or even mud riding and let is serve as a little PSA to everyone.

In a TikTok video that has now received over 17 million views, TikToker paisley.rileyyy shared her unfortunate accident that involved a claw clip being embedded in her head.

According to her videos, she ended up getting 5 stitches because of it.


YES, it really happened and OUCH!

In a followup video she the caption says:

“I still like mud riding it’s just the fact I got a hair clip lodged in my head last weekend and got 5 staples from it kinda threw me off”


Some people were skeptical saying things like:

“I just refuse to believe PLASTIC could do this”

And paisley.rileyyy replied with an image of the bloody claw clip with the caption:

“The claw clip didn’t even break bruh they casually just handed it back to me”


And if you think this is a fluke thing, there are other people commenting that this happened to them too.

Basically, the force from a car accident (or ATV accident) can cause these claw clips to be embedded or forced into your head. It sounds horrific (and it’s because it is).


The entire thing can be avoided if you just don’t wear claw clips in the car. Perhaps save these for the house?

Oh and in case you’re wondering, many people were asking the TikToker to show more of the photos and she actually shared them over on her Instagram (warning – they are graphic).


So, bottom line is, skip the claw clips in the car or in any situation where you could get into an accident and have those plastic claws jammed into your head.


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