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The Bed Bath & Beyond Closing Sales Start Now. Here’s What You Need To Know.

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It’s really happening. *Tear*

Bed Bath & Beyond has unfortunately filed for bankruptcy — Where do I get my sheets now?!? — and they are starting to sell off their inventory.

They are scrambling to find investors to save the stores, but for now, they are slated to close all their stores (and BuyBuy Baby) within the next few months.

While the company’s 360 physical locations will remain open in the short term, they will start selling off inventory and begin the process of winding down business.

That means sales for us. YAY!!

Now, it is important to note that, once the closing sales start, they will NO LONGER accept coupons.

But, I’m betting the sales are going to go deeper than those big blue coupons.

Y’all. Be nice to the employees. I can bet they are pretty upset and stressed right now.

Having worked retail for 15+ years, I have been through several company closings. It is always difficult and heartbreaking, since you’ve invested so much time and energy into your work and the stores.

These sales actually start April 26th, so get your credit card and shopping shoes ready.

While, right now, things look pretty bleak for the company — and its 14,000 employees — there is a slim chance that they could dig themselves out of closing up entirely.

What does this mean?

Bed Bath & Beyond is going to try to sell some or all of its business.

If they are able to find a buyer, Bed Bath & Beyond will stop the store closings.

But, for now, the closing sales are going to be on starting on Wednesday.

Happy shopping!

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