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People Are Making Food Bowls For Bees To Eat From In The Winter and It Is Brilliant

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Fall is here and everything is dying as we move into winter, the grass is no longer growing, the trees are shedding their leaves and the bees are looking for food.

Since there are fewer flowers and other sources of food for bees in the winter we need to help them out!

Lack of water is another issue that is affecting our bee population in the winter and bees often drown when they try to drink from swimming pools and other water sources.

So people are making winter food bowls for bees that provide the sugars they need from the fruit as well as water to safely drink without drowning.

One easy way to do this was shared on Facebook by Baruch Inbar and I plan on making some with my children to help out our bee population.

Here’s how to make winter food bowls for bees

  • Grate an apple in a bowl
  • Add some water to the bowl

The bees will be able to get the nutrients they need from the fruit and drink the water, they can stand on the fruit to prevent drowning.

This is such a simple way that we can help our threatened bee population, bee’s are so important to us as humans.

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