You Can Get A Christmas Cactus That Blooms Every Christmas And I’m In Love

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Did you know that there is such a thing as a Christmas cactus? Yes, Christmas cactuses exist and they will be the “Merry” to your Christmas.

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Not only do Christmas cactuses bring Christmas cheer directly to your home but these cactuses also have a special way of spreading Christmas cheer!


The Christmas cactus is known to bloom during the winter and right around the holidays, so when you’re decorating the house and covering your home in red and green, the Christmas cactus is here to help!


Christmas cactuses can bloom into a handful of different colors including yellow, salmon, pink, white, orange, red or if you’re lucky, a combination of many colors at once.


Keep in mind that every Christmas cactus is different and this guy especially, has mind of its own. Some may bloom earlier or later than others while other Christmas cactuses can bloom very close to the holiday season.


Christmas cactuses usually only bloom once a year, but they can and will stretch their wings more than once. So in other words, be prepared to walk downstairs and suddenly see your cactus sprouting with flowers.


Amazon is even selling Christmas cactus seeds and you can currently get them for $13!


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