If You’re Not Cleaning Your Grill With An Onion, You Should Be

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It’s that time of year when everybody spends beautiful summer evenings grilling all the things — and I’m totally here for it!

I LOVE to fire up the grill on a semi-cool evening in the summer when we can get a group of friends together for a good ol’ BBQ cookout!

The cooking and eating is all kinds of fun — but then you have to clean the grill. No bueno!!

I usually save the mess for my husband to clean up. Mean? Nah!!

There is usually tons of scrubbing — and a little bit of cursing — involved with trying to get that grill clean.

But, did you know that you can use a simple onion — yes, just an onion — to clean off your grill? Mind blown!

Here’s how you clean a grill with an onion

First, you want to get that grill as hot as you can to burn off all the food bits that are left on the grates.

Next, you want to use one of those long BBQ grilling forks and use it to stab a halved onion — keeping the cut side facing out.

Onions are not only tasty — throw them into the coals after you clean the grill to add a kick of flavor to your food — they have great antibacterial properties.

I love the idea of using an onion to clean the grill, because that means I’m not using those harsh cleaning products that can get in the food.

If you use the onion, and there are still burned bits on the grill, simply use a few sprays of lemon juice or vinegar. The acidity helps loosen up those nasty burned parts.

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