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The ‘Conjuring’ House Is Officially For Sale, Do You Dare To Own It?

What a perfect time to list one of the spookiest houses around! Just in time for Halloween!

The infamous ‘Conjuring’ House just went on the market in Rhode Island for $1.2 million!

This house was built in 1836, has 3 bedrooms, and one and a half baths. You know, in case you were wondering about the specifics to buy a new lovely home!

This house, which is considered haunted, was the inspiration behind The Conjuring movie! (Thus the hefty price!). So if you’re interested in being terrified every day of your life, feel free to move in!

There have been countless claims of people seeing children in the window or can hear someone walking around, so to purchase this, you’d have to be brave. Maybe just turn it into a museum…

Obviously I don’t think someone’s going to actually move into this house to live, especially with the hefty price. Someone will surely preserve it for the public but we shall see!