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25+ Mario Party Ideas

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I don’t know if I’ve confessed this (recently), but I love Mario. He was like my first real intro into the world of gaming and he was instantly my friend–who’s grown with me and evolved with my whole family! I just straight-up love the little Italian plumber, which is why I’m planning a Mario Party in honor of the release of Mario Party Ten–which I can’t stop playing.

Mario Party Feature

25+ Mario Party Ideas

  1. I like to start every awesome party with easy printable invites. These rock.
  2. My party would be cry-worthy without these hilarious Piranha Cupcakes (topped with my fave fruit, strawberry).
  3. Doing Mario-themed nail art with the daughter before the party will totally set the mood.
  4. These Star Rice Krispie Pops, yeah, I could totally make these.
  5. Oh, or I could make this awesome Pepperoni Pizza cookie cake. Hmm, decisions, decisions.
  6. Rainbow Road Popsicles are an absolute must for any Mario Party.
  7. If the daughter really wants cake, I’ll make this one for her!
  8. We’ll use these adorable Koopa and Goomba Templates for wall decor.
  9. And, using this DIY Pinata tutorial, we’ll have huge fun smashing some decor!
  10. For the table, we’ll have totally awesome Sky Table Decorations that are so super-simple.
  11. For the center-piece, though, I’ll make these Mario Cookies. So. Cool.
  12. And everyone will totally be impressed with these Bananas and Chompers.
  13. I hope everyone would be brave enough to eat one of these Piranha Planter Cake PopsNintendo Party Ideas Pin
  14. To keep those kiddos busy, I’ll print them all a Mario Mask coloring activity. Incidentally, it will also be a fun way to disguise the kids so I can pretend they’re all little plumbers. Teehee.
  15. For the adults that brave this party with me, I’ll treat them with Warp Pipe cocktails.
  16. Oooh, for a veggie tray, I can make these Mushrooms based on this radish tutorial.
  17. For kiddos not into radishes (which, really, what kid is?!), I’ll make some apple and marshmallow Mushrooms.
  18. And we’ll have a DIY Photo Board with Mario and Princess Peach. Of course.
  19. I’ll also make these Piranha Plant dirt cups (or cupcake wrappers or jellybean cups, etc.).
  20. Printable Blocks will make awesome table-decor and double as favor boxes!
  21. For a little heavier snacks, I could do a Make-Your-Own-Pizza activity and snack table.
  22. I could keep the kids occupied for a while with this Mushroom ringtoss DIY game.  Just simple hula hoops and red bowls painted with white spots, then glued to wood scraps. Easy. Peasy.
  23. If I still feel like the I need more to set the mood, I can bust-out with this printable banner set and easy cake idea.
  24. The kids love drink wraps, and since it’s a free printable, why not?
  25. But the most awesome prop of all? This mustache printable for every guest!
  26. Yeah, I’ll be making these Meringue Cloud Cookies, no doubt.
  27. Although, if I can pull-off the 3D Mushroom Cookies from this tutorial, I’ll be a rockstar!

Super Mario Brothers Party DIY sq

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