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30+ Patron Recipes {Not Your Mamma’s Margarita}

Too many people think of Patron as a one-trick-pony-tequila made for just a margarita. But there’s just so much more Patron can do–it’s just so flexible. To prove this (because I know you don’t believe me, yet), I’ve found (and tried) these 30+ Patron Recipes. Get ready, because this is not your mamma’s margarita.

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30+ Patron Recipes

  1. Just to prove the flexibility of Patron, let’s start our cocktail-drink-capade with this Salted Karamel Martini. Mmmm.
  2. But if you’re feeling less creative, but still want fun, try these Mini-Margarita Shot Recipe made in tiny sample bottles. Tiny, cute, delicious–what’s not to love?!
  3. This Tumeric Hot Toddy is so tastey, I almost wish for cold weather.
  4. Take this two-for-one recipe set and call me in the morning. Jekyll and Hyde Cocktail Combo
  5. Want a little sweet hint of Polynesian-infusion in your pool-side encounter? Coconut Margarita Recipe to the rescue.
  6. Carrot-Orange Tequila Cooler might be the best way to start a day. At noon.
  7. If you don’t pass me a Tequila Mojito, I may have to stick a straw in you.
  8. Raspberry Palomas taste so good, I’ll need someone to drive me homas! Teehee!
  9. Get ready to cuddle with this Polar Queen Cocktail.
  10. Although I love coffee with breakfast, Mexican Coffee totally goes with dinner.
  11. Have some sweet with your drink and make some Margarita Cupcakes (but make them before you get tipsy, because otherwise, they’ll be a total mess).
  12. Ok, you broke me. Here’s a great Classic Margarita on the Rocks recipe.
  13. Now you’ve had your fun, let’s get creative with this Bloody Maria–LOVE!
  14. Blood Orange Margaritas are sweet, bright and “get me another”-worthy.
  15. This Strawberry Lemonade Margarita is the perfect drink for spring. Or summer. Or fall. Yeah, winter, too. Tequila Cocktail Ideas Feature txt
  16. Late night. No kids. Awesome movie on the tube and a Simple Midnight Margarita in hand. Perfect.
  17. If it makes you feel better, you can make this Skinny Margarita and pretend it’s helping you lose weight.
  18. I made these Patron Cupcakes one time for a wedding shower–and they were the only thing alcohol on the table. Apparently, I was the only one that didn’t get the message that the bride was up-the-spout. Oops.
  19. I’d like to do dueling cocktails with my bestie over the Cafe Royale and XO Prediction recipes.
  20. Though the name of it is innocuous, this Banana Split Milkshake is not for the kiddos.
  21. The Red Valentine is a little somethin’ for my somethin’. And maybe after drinks, we’ll have a little somethin’-somethin’ together.
  22. So, if you like your veggie and fruit servings for the day to come with alcohol, try this recipe for Grapefruit Margaritas with a hint of Cucumber.
  23. A Summer solstice dawn cocktail kinda makes me think maybe the celebration of the solstice would be a great party-excuse.
  24. Trust me, this Patron Pineapple Cocktail will make it totally worth busting-past that spiny fruit armor.
  25. I get kinda beat-down by all the Easter egg-tivities sometimes, but I’ll be prepared this year with a Peeps-n-Patron Cocktail to make me giggle.
  26. You can make this Paleo Paloma and drink like a caveman.
  27. Love the chocolate? Love the Baby Guinness Shot.
  28. The perfect fishing-rita, this Blue Bobbin’ Margarita will make the fish jump right in the boat with you.
  29. Or, for perfection in a glass, just make the most Perfect Patron Margarita.
  30. You like chocolate? Duh, what a dumb question. Raspberry Cocoa Shake made with the Patron XO cafe dark cocoa. Chocolate and Patron. What a combo.
  31. Make a Bloody Boilermaker for a night-out with that crazy motorcycle-club friend of yours (you know who I’m talking about).
  32. This Limeade Margarita recipe, which is one of my faves, totally rocks with fish tacos and fries. Try it this Friday. Not joking.
  33. When in need of a little cheer, I’m making a White Christmas Cocktail.
  34. Though scary in name, none of these recipes are really THAT scary. Lizzy Borden, Goblin’s Blood, and the Raven cocktails

Tequila Cocktail Ideas Feature txt

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