Cotton Candy Twinkies Are Making A Comeback For A Carnival Inspired Sweet Treat

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When in doubt, Twinkies makes a good a snack when you’re in need of a pick me up or to silence that sweet tooth and its sugar craving cousins.

Courtesy of Hostess

The Twinkies brand never fails to create a colorful and creamy filled soft sponge stuffed with super sweet flavors but lately, there’s been something missing and when I say missing, I mean 4 years missing on grocery stores shelves.


Hostess realizes the incredible mistake they made taking away the carnival inspired Twinkie snack which is why we’re getting a blast from the past.


Introducing the limited edition Cotton Candy flavored Twinkies once again!


The vibrant pink stuffed and cream filled Twinkie was first introduced in 2017 and since then, has disappeared from grocery store shelves.


The original packaging of the Cotton Candy Twinkies featured a striped tent and a ferris wheel.

However, the reprisal of the carnival inspired sweet treat is getting a new look for their great comeback including floral designs and butterflies on the front of the box and on the individually wrapped sponges.


Since there’s no official date on when they will return, we can expect the big return sometime during the Spring since the packaging idolizes warmer weather.


The 10 count box was most recently uploaded to King Soopers which is a supermarket brand of Kroger so we’re assuming that Twinkies limited edition Cotton Candy is releasing sooner than what we might think!


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