‘Cow Cuddling’ Is The Hottest New Wellness Trend and Count Me In

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It’s safe to say that this year has been ROUGH. Most of us are struggling with some sort of anxiety or depression and just need someone to hug. So why not a cow?

Sure, cuddling a cow is probably not your first thought when thinking of some therapeutic ways to de-stress, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the most perfect thing to do!

Cow cuddling is exactly what it sounds like: hugging, leaning on, and generally hanging out with this farm animal.


This idea comes from the Netherlands, and is called “koe knuffelen” which translates to “cow hugging.”

The cows’ warmer body temperature and slower heartbeat make them an ideal cuddle buddy, according to a report by BBC.


Anytime you hug someone, your body produces oxytocin (the cuddle hormone). It makes you feel increasingly relaxed. So snuggling up to a big, soft animal like a cow increases the effect on you.

Although this has started in the Netherlands, the U.S. is catching on pretty quick and already has the Mountain Horse Farm in upstate New York that lets you come and hang out and cuddle with their cows (and horses!) for an afternoon.

So what do you think? I, for one, am ready to get to some snuggling with a cow! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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